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At Salt Marketing, we approach your success through the lens of your brand story, in which your client is the hero and you're the guide that helps them achieve their goals.

Salt Marketing is led by a StoryBrand Certified Guide. What that means for you is a proven framework that brings new wellness-seekers to your door.

When you work with Salt Marketing, you can be confident that your approach is built on a foundation that has helped thousands of companies succeed.

Let's work together and apply this proven framework
to build trust in your brand.

Keap CRM Certified Partner

Keap CRM provides HIPAA-compliant sales and marketing automation for health and wellness businesses, allowing you to organize everything. As your Keap Certified Partner, the Salt Marketing team will guide you to the Keap CRM solution that works for you! 

Trustworthiness, dependability and expertise are what matters to consumers in health and wellness - and 44% of them say they won’t buy if you don’t follow up quickly. Much more than just another email platform, Keap provides the marketing, sales, e-commerce and customer lifecycle tools you need to create strong relationships. 

JAG Medical Spa

We feel that each meeting we have more direction and opportunity for our business to grow. Everything you have produced so far has been wonderful. 

Dr. Jared & Ashton Guichard

Want the full story of how Salt Marketing helped JAG Medical Spa grow 33% in one quarter?


I’m a StoryBrand Certified Guide and I’m excited about helping you effectively implement StoryBrand. Together, we'll overcome the challenges of marketing in health and wellness to transform the way you grow your business.

StoryBrand CEO Donald Miller and Salt Marketing CEO Jennifer Orechwa

Donald Miller, CEO of Business Made Simple

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If you’re new to StoryBrand, allow me to introduce you.

StoryBrand is a messaging framework that makes communicating who you are and what you do easy.  When our clients apply these principles correctly, they see improvement and growth Every. Single. Time. That's why you'll find this framework woven into everything we do at Salt Marketing.

Invite your clients into a story about how you'll help them achieve their goals. Stop wasting money on marketing that doesn’t work and transform your health and wellness business with the proven StoryBrand 7-Part Framework.

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What Can You Expect? 

First, expect some quick wins. With Strategy and Storytelling at the heart of everything we do, the Salt team will focus on your goals and get to work as quickly as possible. For you, that may be more traffic to your site, more follows on social, or more phone calls in the door. Whatever those goals are, expect some immediate results.

Next, expect foundational building. This is where we start to salt those clouds to make it rain. Our team will begin helping you tell your story. We'll craft the narrative, build your brand, develop your content strategy, and set you up for success in the long term.

Finally, expect long-term results. Salt Marketing's unique approach means we're not implementing the latest hot marketing tip - we don't chase shiny objects. The work we do for you is holistic (we take into account your entire ecosystem) as well as sustainable. We take solid action that will help you produce long-term results, which pay dividends again and again.

Expect a Waitlist Full of Eager Clients!

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  • Being regarded as an authority in your space, by simply doing what you do and being who you are
  • Enjoying a steady influx of new wellness seekers, with whom you have an authentic relationship.
  • Growing your audience organically in a way that feels fun because you can connect with those who need you to help them solve their challenges.
  • Building a brand that your audience trusts, based on the expertise you already have.
  • Feeling confident about what's ahead for your brand and your business because you're creating relationships based on the impact you're having on people's lives. 


Salt Marketing's expert team works tirelessly to help our clients achieve incredible results. From developing go-to-market strategies to creating compelling content that connects with audiences, our team of seasoned professionals will help you become the hero of your own success story.

Salt Marketing CEO Jennifer Orechwa



Salt Marketing Brand Strategist Jake Mowery


Lead Brand Strategist

Salt Marketing Content Strategist Taylor Perry


Content Strategy Lead

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