When you become a trusted authority, your ideal clients naturally gravitate toward you. That thinking guides all of the digital marketing services we provide at Salt Marketing.

It's the reason we focus on these 3 things  - and do them very, very well:

marketing strategy


SEO services


brand management



A Pinch Of Salt: Discovery Session

brand discovery session

Get started with some quick wins & measurable results.

Let's work together to uncover the potential of your business! During this immersive and enlightening session, our brand strategy team will work closely with you to identify opportunities that will help you differentiate yourself and connect deeply with your audience. With the Pinch of Salt Brand Discovery Session, you'll get actionable insight on getting leads, converting clients and creating raving fans. 

$98 (60 minutes)

Quick Start StoryBrand Kit

Ready to get results quickly without having to build out a full website? With the Salt Marketing Quick Start StoryBrand Kit, you'll get:

  • Done for you development of your lead magnet (PDF)
  • A wireframe of your landing page,
  • A 5-email sequence to convert those leads into clients,
  • PLUS 8 social media posts with graphics

This Kit will help you leverage your existing audience to gain traction and build your following, creating an engaged and ready-to-buy market!


Brand Strategy Workshop

Get a foundation for expression of your brand across all platforms.

If you're ready to understand your target market and get clarity around your brand message, the Brand Strategy Workshop is for you. In this immersive half-day session, we'll examine the competitive landscape, identify gaps in your strategy, and talk about how your brand is connecting with your ideal audience.

You'll walk away with your Brand Identity & Message Guide PLUS your Marketing Playbook!

$2,500 (half-day session OR three 1-hour sessions)


Messaging + Website + Full Sales Funnel

salt marketing full sales funnel website audit

Get a StoryBrand website and comprehensive sales funnel.

Get noticed, and turn visibility into clients that grow your practice. With this robust messaging and website package, your prospects will understand at a glance what you can do for them and how they can get started. We include:

  • Your StoryBrand Brandscript
  • Web copy for home page + 4 interior pages (including landing page)
  • WordPress web design 
  • Lead Generating PDF - all copy & layout/design
  • Welcome email sequence (5 Emails)

(does not include software, hosting, or domain name)

Website Optimization Guide + Customer Journey

Gain greater visibility with this comprehensive strategic guide! 

  • Unlock your SEO potential. Discover hidden opportunities to improve your visibility and ranking to drive new clients to your door. 
  • Master your best keywords. We’ll help you understand your ranking relative to competitors and help you incorporate the right keywords to make sure you’re generating leads! 
  • Optimize your site for easy navigation and compel your prospects to take action. 
  • Map your customer journey. Uncover the specific steps you can take to move your prospects from awareness to advocacy.
  • Finally, we include a prioritized checklist of specific actions that will help you take advantage of your entire Website Optimization Guide. 
website optimization plan customer journey


Authority Foundations

salt marketing StoryBrand strategy session

Your comprehensive Brand Story.

Establishing trust and authority in health & wellness means you need a clear brand message. Your complete marketing message begins with an enhanced Pinch of Salt discovery session. In short order, you'll have your StoryBrand Brandscript, your compelling "one-liner" that helps you explain your business quickly and easily, plus a wireframe for your website home page, and, most exciting of all, your PDF Lead Generator that you can immediately start using to convert new prospects.


(90 minutes, 2-3 weeks to completion)

Content Strategy

Get a frictionless roadmap for building authority

When you're ready to attract new clients by simply sharing the knowledge and expertise that you already have, its crucial to first understand your current authority in the marketplace. We'll start by developing your Brandscript to ensure your content is focused. Next, we'll provide you with an assessment of where you are, any gaps or opportunities that your competitors aren't seeing and insight into how you can quickly attract your ideal client by answering the questions they're already asking. Finally, you'll get a month-long content calendar to help you build trust and authority, day after day.

$4,250 + $450/mo.

(month-to-month, no contract)

digital marketing services content marketing strategy

Done-For-You Market Authority

salt marketing done-for-you marketing tactics

Share your expertise in your unique voice - effortlessly!

Imagine becoming the one resource in your niche with the solutions everyone is seeking. This strategic done-for-you Market Authority approach includes a complete analysis of your current positioning, a comprehensive calendar of content for development - and the implementation of that calendar! 

  • StoryBrand Brandscript + One-Liner
  • Authority audit & report
  • Content calendar with recommendations for improving authority
  • 4 unique done-for-you branded content pieces per month in your brand voice
$4,250 + $1200/mo.

(month-to-month, no contract)


Branding Package

Get a logo and a brand identity that reflects who you are.

Competition in health & wellness is fierce - let's craft your unique Brandscript, logo and visual identity to build trust and connect with your target audience. You'll get a logo, colors and fonts, and a brand style guide that helps you stay consistent.

digital marketing brand packaging services

Social Media Action Plan & Strategic Guide

Social Media Action Plan

Take the stress out of marketing your brand on social media!

Start with a Brand Review to make sure your brand is represented consistently across all platforms;

Content Analysis for each of your channels, helping you identify your optimal content pillars;

Hashtag Sets are next, grouped into themes specific to your niche;

Competitive Intelligence to find opportunities your competitors just aren't seeing;

Bio Optimization recommendations to make sure your followers know how to connect;

Finally, we’ll provide you with your Social Media Action Plan, identifying what’s working and what you can improve upon.


We Also Offer Health & Wellness Specific:

salt marketing podcast services
  • Graphic Design
  • Web Design
  • Content Creation
  • Podcast Design
  • Video Production
Contact us for pricing on these unique services!

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