When Doing It All Yourself Isn’t Helping You Grow

Today we're talking about a challenge we hear often from health and wellness practitioners, and that's that DIY isn't helping you grow. It's a very common complaint in this industry, because we get into it to help people, and think if we just share our passion, people will naturally gravitate towards us. But that's not always the case, so we've come up with five secrets to growth, specifically in the health and wellness industry that can get you out of that rut!

So buckle up because we're covering a lot and we're super excited to dive in.

Is it Time To Hire A Professional Marketer?

Very often, the first thing we hear from a new client is the complaint that their marketing efforts are just eating up too much of their time. So I would say that's the first question you need to ask yourself. Really a gut check. If you feel like marketing your business is taking it too much time probably is. 

I would say a gut check is a good way to describe that. You know, are your marketing efforts taking away from the things in your business, the things that really only you can do to grow? Then that's definitely a problem for me. It goes back to the E-myth, if you've ever read that book? Are you spending too much time working IN the business and not enough time working ON the business?

So the next question I would ask is, are your marketing efforts turning into results? Are you growing at the rate if you want to, because if not, it leads us to another question, which is: are you really fired up about marketing your business?

That is, do you have a solid understanding of various marketing channels and the strategies that work in each? And are you keeping up with the developments in marketing? By that, I don't mean, are you copying the latest TikTok trend? I mean, are you aware of the recent changes to Google Analytics that can affect your visibility?

In health and wellness, I think that most people aren't focused on these things, right? You're focusing on delivering great solutions for your clients. And most practitioners aren't working on building a marketing skillset that helps them execute on a variety of marketing campaigns. It's honestly just not a good use of their time. And of course, what we see a lot of is people in this space who are looking for new clients, want to grow their practice, but end up just throwing money at the marketing problem instead of just really solving it. And that's, that's why I hear most of the time that marketing doesn't work. If, you know, if you haven't got a solid strategy behind the dollars you're spending, you're gonna end up with an r o ROI that looks like you've just made donations to Google and Facebook or your local paper to get those leads.

Right? And, and another question you can ask yourself to see if it's time to hire a professional marketer is if you've reached a point where you don't know where to spend to get results - are you able to objectively analyze your marketing efforts and make data-driven decisions about your strategy? 

Are you setting goals for the number of new prospects you're talking to each month? Or the number of new clients you're bringing in and you're struggling to get to those goals, those numbers independently, then scaling your business might require a more comprehensive marketing strategy. In today's episode, we're going to get into some of the ways professional marketing efforts can really pay off.