Creating A National Brand For Your Practice

Join us for a deep dive with Dr. Don Carlock on how he's developing a national standard of practice in Chiropractic with his groundbreaking BPR Method. If you've ever looked at the systems and processes by which you serve people and thought that others should know how to do it that way, too, you'll be fascinated by Dr. Carlock's journey and vision. From years in the industry and getting to know is own true purpose, Dr. Carlock developed strategies that addressed his professional success - and his personal fulfillment. Today, he's documented his knowledge and is sharing that insight as he builds a national brand for Chiropractors

You'll learn about:

  • The inspiring journey that led Dr. Carlock to his vision of a national brand
  • Development and testing of the BPR Method for unparalleled effectiveness.
  • How Dr. Carlock is building his community of licensed BPR Method chiropractors


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