How to Know When its Time for a CFO

Having the confidence to make decisions about finances for a wellness business comes from sound knowledge and advice. When you need to go deeper than the historical knowledge your bookkeeper or CPA can provide, it may be time to consider enlisting the skills of a fractional Chief Financial Officer. Today, on Worth Your Salt, Kyle Smith, co-partner at Strata Cloud Accountants, shares his invaluable insight into how to use KPIs to achieve your goals and when it might be time for a CFO 

Here's some of what Kyle shares:

  • Differentiating between a CFO, bookkeeper, and CPA.
  • Recognizing the pivotal moments when your health & wellness business could benefit from a CFO's expertise.
  • Exploring how a CFO strategically navigates expansion, hiring, and potential business sales.
  • Practical advice on optimizing financial resources and minimizing risks in the health & wellness industry.

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