Improve Your Content Strategy With They Ask, You Answer

Today, we’re talking about how you can get started with a content strategy for your business. We’ll talk about what a content strategy is - and what it isn’t - and why you need one, no matter how frequent or in-depth your content may be! We’re also going to jump into a few actionable steps to make your content strategy the engine behind your authority in the marketplace. You’re going to walk away with a ton of new ideas to scale your business!

You'll learn:

  • Three rules for great content development
  • Why knowing your target market is crucial for a good content strategy
  • How to choose the right format for your content
  • What your content strategy should include
  • What the Big Five is and what it can do for your Content Strategy

Content Strategy That Builds Authority

Let’s begin with a foundation - what a content strategy is. We look at it as a comprehensive approach to communicating every element of a company’s Brandscript. In the health & wellness space, its a roadmap to create that authority that’s essential to building trust. 

A great content strategy outlines how the content will be created, published, and managed in order to achieve specific goals for the business. It’s really important to determine what the goals of the content are. In health & wellness, content is all about building trust and authority, so the first element of that is establishing a consistent brand voice that customers and prospects know they can trust.

And that’s really the next element of what a content strategy is - targeting the right audience. And I know we’re going to get into how to develop content for where our clients are in their buying journey in a bit, but at that eagle-eye view, we want to be sure we identify who our audience is, what their needs, preferences, and pain points are in a general sense. When we fully and deeply understand those things, it actually makes it easier to create content that resonates with them - which of course, builds trust, and authority, and attracts more potential clients!

When we create a content strategy that consistently provides valuable and helpful information, we begin to establish a reputation as an authority, which gives us a loyal audience who not only engages with the information we provide but also shares it with other like-minded individuals!

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