Is Blogging Dead?

We hear a lot of entrepreneurs say “I know I should start a blog, but….” I don’t have time, I don’t have the energy, it sounds like too much work, I don’t know what to write about…" and with the huge variety of other content mediums now available, a blog can seem like an endless task for which you might never see the ROI you’re seeking. This led us to ask the question: Is Blogging Dead? Today, Salt Marketing's Lead Content Strategist Taylor Perry helps guide you in discovering if a blog should play a role in your marketing strategy.

You'll learn:

  • If you'll get the ROI you seek from your blogging efforts;
  • How a blog can support your goals for growth and engaging your audience;
  • What to write about - and how much to write;
  • PLUS get inspired with tips on how to find great ideas that build your authority

Articles Are Vital to Content Marketing Success

The digital landscape has evolved over time, and will continue to. Google absolutely loves content, and is constantly crawling websites to see what they are putting out there. New marketing channels and new strategies have emerged, but blogging still holds significant value. It is very much alive and well! This is an excellent way to make sure your brand is getting the visibility it needs to stay relevant and be seen by your target audience.

You’ll notice that our own blog posts are going to vary on the word count, and it’s not something we want to obsess over, as long as you’re answering the question or topic that the blog post is about. This is a concept we’ve talked about before and I know we’ll talk about again, but there’s a book called “they ask, you answer” that dives into wondering what your customers are asking. You can educate and empower your clients with open and honest content in the form of blog posts. Sometimes that means you need to provide a lot more information to get to the heart of the question, but sometimes it can be answered rather simply. It will vary from piece to piece, but if you have your clients in mind when you’re crafting this content, I don’t think you need to stress about counting words.

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