Using Targeted Media Buying To Reach Your Ideal Clients

If the only paid ads you've used to promote your wellness business were on social media, you could be missing out on a huge opportunity! Mary Ann Pruitt, President and CEO of Mosaic Media is here to share how you can maximize your visibility with targeted media buying. You may be thinking that traditional channels are outdated or too expensive, but Mary Ann offers practical advice that will empower you to jump into TV, radio, print, and digital with confidence! Go beyond the obvious social media channels with actionable strategies that will quickly elevate your marketing efforts and build your authority.


    • Learn how traditional media platforms like TV and radio have transformed and become more accessible for small businesses.
    • Understand the significance of an updated paid advertising approach, beyond relying solely on social media.
    • Gain practical advice on budgeting and setting realistic timelines for seeing results from your media buying efforts.
    • Discover valuable insights from real-life case studies of health practices that have achieved remarkable success through strategic media buying.