Salt Marketing uses and recommends Memberium for health and wellness providers who want to share their solutions and knowledge with a wider audience. Memberium helps serious entrepreneurs reach more people to help them grow and scale.

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to Creating Your Membership Site or Online Course!

Thinking About Starting A New Membership Site or Online Course? This FREE Guide will help you:

  • Understand the 4 Stages of Building a Membership Site
  • Save Time, Money & Resources
  • Get Clarity on What New Creators Should Focus On

Build your audience with Keap or bring them with you from your current platform. Keap will even move your subscribers from your previous tool with their free concierge migration service!

What Can You Accomplish With Memberium?

Create Your Course

Ready to reach more people than you ever thought possible? Memberium allows you to build online content that helps people benefit from what you have to offer and the solutions you provide!

Serve More Clients

Use Memberium to onboard new clients, collecting information that's sent directly to Keap. Offer personalized, tailored content and WOW them from the start.

Train Your Team

If you've ever worried about being able to "duplicate yourself," use Memberium to provide internal training. From customer service to company policy, do things just the way you need them done.


Memberium makes it easy to build and protect any and all of your WordPress content. Join over 25 Million Members using Memberium on over 4000 websites!

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