Building A Thriving Online Business

Today on Worth Your Salt, I'm thrilled to be sitting down with the brilliant Lindsey Ardmore, the powerhouse behind Automation Foundations, Masterclass Magic, and more! Now, if you're in health and wellness and you've ever thought about building an online course or offering an online membership, Lindsey's brain is the one you want to help! We talked about what it takes to build a thriving online business and how Lindsey has helped so many entrepreneurs do just that, again and again! This episode is packed with insights, inspiration, and Lindsey's "get it done" attitude! Level up your understanding of not only business automation and entrepreneurial success, but what it takes to take your knowledge and turn it into a valuable resource for others. Plus, Lindsey is just a fun and delightful human that wants nothing but the best for others! Join us for this fast-paced and information-packed episode!

Here's a sneak peek at what you'll discover:

  • Lindsey's journey from business automation enthusiast to a leading figure in the field.
  • The unique approach of Star Tower Systems, offering both Done with You and DIY automation solutions.
  • Stories of entrepreneurs who found peace and efficiency through Lindsey's courses
  • Lindsey's newest venture, The Automated Vet, and how she's revolutionizing the growth of large animal veterinarians' businesses.


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Star Tower Systems

The Automated Vet

Automation Foundations

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