Is Your PPC Strategy Not Paying Off? Here’s Why!

Today we’re talking about what  - for some in the health and wellness industry - is a sore subject - paid advertising! So many practitioners just start shelling out cash because paid sounds like a silver bullet and then become quickly frustrated because those instant results don’t come. There's a time and a place to turn to paid, but we’re going to save you what may be thousands of dollars by talking about what you need to know about Pay Per Click advertising. Let’s dive into the ROI on organic and paid and get your business growing!

You'll learn about:

  • The role SEO plays in both paid and organic search
  • Why trust and authority are more important than dollars spent
  • What a qualified visitor is and how to get more of them
  • How to leverage your Brand Story to save on advertising
  • Why keyword research is crucial

Why Your PPC Strategy Isn't Working - And What To Do Next

Let’s start out understanding what paid advertising is and isn’t online. When we talk about Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing, we are talking about building authority in your space that brings organic traffic to your door because you are providing VALUE, not because you are throwing money at Google, Facebook or even banner ads in your local online paper.

We believe strongly in maxing out our organic opportunities before we give a dime to any agency or platform to increase our visibility.  Let’s talk a little bit about what that means, and what health and wellness providers should actually be doing.

Paid ads are meant for immediate, quick visibility - and if you don't have adequate demand for your brand already in place then you're paying for clicks from unqualified visitors.

An unqualified visitor is someone who visits your website and shows no interest in engaging with what you have to offer. This could be because they are unaware of the services or products you provide, don't trust your brand, or simply found their way on the page by accident. Investing into paid ads for these unqualified visitors can result in wasted resources; since it attracts people that may never convert and reduces the chances of getting highly qualified leads that are more likely to engage with your brand.

The approach we recommend health and wellness providers take is based on building trust and authority in the marketplace - not only with search engines but also with your audience, the people that need your services. And really addressing the questions they have about what you do. And while we could literally have an entire episode just on that topic- how to produce content that your audience finds helpful - it’s important we understand what “organic search” means and what it can do for you.

When we talk about working to build authority with “organic search,” we’re referring to when your content, your answers to the questions your customers need answered, come up when they are searching for information. That’s what organic search does - it helps you to show up in the “unpaid” searches or results. So it is really a win/win - you aren’t paying for ads and you are building your authority and brand. 

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