Building A Website That Serves Your Health & Wellness Business: Vivienne Wagner of WebWiskee

If you've ever been faced with building out your own website, you may have felt trapped between two options: doing it yourself, using an inflexible website-builder that might not serve your needs long-term or investing in a custom website that might or might not turn out to be cost-effective. Now, there's a new option in the marketplace that can meet the needs of health and wellness practitioners who are in this in-between stage.

Today on Worth Your Salt, Vivienne Wagner of WebWiskee explains:

  • How WebWiskee can help you identify your target market
  • Easy to use SEO and keyword optimization
  • PLUS The four-step business builder built into WebWiskee
  • AND Why fewer templates means better conversions

Building A Website That Serves Your Health & Wellness Business

"Over the years, seeing different variations of the mess... that really helped us go, 'there's a need in the marketplace,' and here's what the mess was: they would be coming to us after being on a do it yourself website builder, like Wix or Squarespace or Weebly or you know, pick your builder. There's a million of them out there, right? And as their business was growing and they're ready to scale and move it to the next level, they found that, while that was a comfortable $50 a month price point for them, they now couldn't take their business to the next level.

So it was inexpensive, but not very effective. When it was time for growth they're like, wow, well, I guess it's time to make the move to WordPress, which has kind of a learning curve for, for most people, WordPress is not easy to just jump in and get started.

And they would come to an agency like Houndstooth Media Group, and they would want a custom site, and they'd get sticker shock because they're used to paying 50 bucks a month and we tell them it's starting at thousands of dollars. That was a rude awakening for them, and we kept thinking, my goodness, there has to be something in the middle.

For example, when you want to leave Wix, you can absolutely forward your domain name, but did you know you can't take your content with you? There's no export of your content on Wix. You would have to hand copy and paste every single page individually and then do a redirect individually for every single page. Very, very challenging, not efficient, none of that. 

I don't know that we set out to solve it initially. I think we just kept complaining that this was happening to our clients. We kept complaining internally as a team going, someone should do something. There should be a WordPress option that protects people, that that is easy to use, that doesn't cost an arm and a leg, but is the quality that WordPress brings. And we kept saying, "somebody should do it, somebody should do it..." And then one day we thought, why don't we do it? And that it's been a work in progress for four years."

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