Building an Epic Team and Culture For Your Health & Wellness Business

One of the most challenging aspects of growing a business is hiring the right people, and building a team and strong company culture that supports that growth. Despite the fact that a wealth of information exists on this topic, health and wellness practitioners face unique struggles, often operating with unique missions and smaller teams. The road to assembling - and retaining - a successful team in this industry can be filled with roadblocks that demand creative and adaptable solutions. Today, on Worth Your Salt, Dobbin Buck, co-owner and Chief Revenue Officer of GetUWired Web Services talks with us about how he and his partners have created a culture that is dedicated to reducing stress and caring for the whole person - not just the employee. 

You'll learn about:

  • Establishing your core values and principles
  • Culture considerations when you're hiring
  • How to foster a collaborative environment that encourages innovation
  • Retention strategies that keep team members motivated
  • The role leadership plays in building a great culture

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