Working Life of Husband and Wife

If  you've ever entertained the idea of a working life of husband and wife, it’s likely a number of obstacles came to mind… maybe communication challenges, conflicting work styles or difficulty separating work and personal lives. But there are couples who have found unexpected synergies in their skills, elevating their ventures to new heights, and this is especially true in health and wellness, where we often find our combined passions can do so much good in the world! Today on Worth Your Salt, we're talking with Dr. Jared Guichard and his wife, Nurse Practitioner Aston Guichard. Together, they are JAG Medical Cosmetics, and they have leveraged their strong bond and shared goals to collaboratively generate exceptional outcomes for thousands of clients.

You'll learn:

  • How boundaries and balance play a role in success at home and at work
  • Strategies they use to stay at the top of their unique niche
  • How they celebrate success and support each other through challenges
  • How they prioritize self-care and overcome stressors unique to this industry

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