Press Release Secrets for Health & Wellness

Do you think it's difficult or complicated to get media coverage to help increase your company's visibility in the marketplace? Hold on tight because you're about to discover the keys to reaching journalists, reporters, televisions and major news websites! Today, we're sharing how it's not only easy but affordable to issue a press release that gets you noticed. Mickie Kennedy, the visionary founder of is sharing how he's spent the last 24 years developing a system and a process that can help every health and wellness practitioner grow their authority by reaching nearly two million journalists.

In this episode, you'll learn

  • How Mickie's journey led to the creation of, and why it's a game-changer for health and wellness entrepreneurs.
  • The precise moments and strategies when issuing a press release can be the turbo-boost your business needs.
  • Why press releases are not just surviving but thriving in the age of social media, and how they can complement your online presence.
  • Real-world success stories that prove the undeniable impact of press releases on business growth

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