Worth Your Salt Podcast: Marketing Mistakes In Health & Wellness

In this episode, we’re talking about some of the common marketing mistakes we see our clients making in the health and wellness industry that are so easily fixable.

Marketing Mistake #1

First, we’re talking about clarifying your messaging to connect your solutions to the people that need them most.

Marketing Mistake #2

Second is something that isn’t unique to the health and wellness industry, but it certainly run rampant here! That’s a failure to make your client the hero of their own story. If you’re missing this mark, you may not fully understand your target market, and we’re talking about how to define that target market clearly.

Marketing Mistake #3

Finally, if you’re making the mistake of not fully embracing digital marketing and the tools it has to offer, you may be missing huge opportunities to grow your health and wellness practice. From optimizing your website to providing helpful content to communicating clearly in your emails, digital marketing implementation is key for health and wellness practitioners.

Worth Your Salt Podcast Episode 2 

Listen in to address these common marketing mistakes that can make a huge impact for your business.

Jennifer Orechwa

I love helping CEOs and business owners find innovative solutions to their unique growth challenges. Today, as a fractional CMO and agency owner, I offer clients over 20 years of marketing experience, from strategy to implementation to ROI and iteration to the next milestone.