Building A Successful Community-Driven Brand

We talk a lot about authenticity on Worth Your Salt, and doula, educator and entrepreneur Bianca Sprague is authentic in that remarkable way that only someone who truly knows herself can be! As the founder of bebo mia, Bianca has built a remarkable community and established a community-driven brand. 

Gain valuable insights into how Bianca has emphasized inclusivity, grown a network of highly trained doulas, taught effective service business management, and empowered her students and her community. Don't miss the bebo mia story and Bianca's tangible lessons at the intersection of passion, purpose, and community!

You'll discover:

    • The essential role of community-building in the health & wellness industry
    • Practical strategies for expressing your brand voice and differentiating yourself in the marketplace.
    • Real-world insights into the transformative power of inclusive and diverse communities