The Power of A StoryBrand Email

In health and wellness, every word holds the potential to inspire transformation. It’s true that how you articulate the path to success can be the difference between a client’s success - or just never even getting started. If you’ve ever heard a success story that gave you goosebumps, you know that the art of storytelling can be a powerful catalyst to growth. But what about those people who visit your website but are skeptical of your promise; people you might never be able to meet or help unless you’re able to connect with them somehow? This is where you can imagine your emails not just as messages but as narratives that resonate, captivate, and drive meaningful connections with your audience. A StoryBrand-based email sequence can help make your customer the hero, cast a vision for success, overcome objections, and turn leads into clients.

This is the essence of StoryBrand—a revolutionary approach that transcends traditional email strategies. In this exploration, we delve into the profound impact of StoryBrand email communication. For health and wellness practitioners seeking to elevate their businesses, understanding how the StoryBrand framework helps craft compelling narratives within email sequences is not just valuable, but indispensable.

The Foundation of Your StoryBrand Email Sequences

Embarking on a wellness journey requires a clear map, and the 7-part StoryBrand framework can act as a compass. Imagine it as a tailored guide, finely tuned to your health and wellness practice. First, identify who your “character” is in the story you’re crafting  – who is your ideal client, what do they want and what will it take for them to get there? By understanding their unique problem - whether it's stress reduction, fitness goals, or nutritional concerns, by taking the time to really connect with their journey, you lay the groundwork for resonant communication.

Next, articulate what you can do for this hero of the story. Think about expressing empathy for their before state and what they’re currently going through. Then, shift over to your authority and experience in solving these same challenges. Define the outcomes your wellness services creates. Is it a revitalized sense of well-being, a journey towards sustainable health, or perhaps overcoming specific health hurdles?

Communicate these outcomes with clarity. This framework becomes the backbone of your email sequences, ensuring each message aligns with your audience's aspirations, fostering a sense of trust and connection. Of course, think through the steps your ideal client needs to take to be successful. Be concise and keep it to no more than a few steps. Finally, define what success looks like and be ready to cast that vision for someone who receives your emails. Offer a clearly defined picture of success, and sprinkle in just enough of what failure looks like for your email recipient to want to avoid that fate! The seamless integration of StoryBrand principles into your email strategy will turn leads into clients in no time!

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The Client Is the Hero

Before you start to write, there are a couple of things to keep in mind. The first is to embrace the "client as hero" construct. Remember that your clients are the hero of their own story. You are merely their guide - the Obi-Wan to their Luke. 

Each email should elevate your clients, inspiring them to take charge of their health journey. Your StoryBrand emails should amplify the impact of your services. With this approach, you not only build lasting connections but also empower your clients to become the heroes of their own journey. Use this idea as you’re writing your StoryBrand emails to focus on as much “you” language as possible. 

Provide Value With Every Interaction

With your StoryBrand email nurture sequence, work to provide value with each and every interaction. As you craft your communications, remember how busy your ideal client may be. Don’t be the email they ignore or delete. Provide value with information, education, entertainment, humor or whatever you find most resonates with that ideal client at the beginning of their journey.

And with this idea, remember that less is more. Write your StoryBrand emails as though you’re talking to a new friend. Don’t overwhelm them with technical language or dive too deep into how you achieve success. Remember that you run your business at a “level 10” and they’re coming into this at a “level 1” or maybe a “level 2.” Less copy, simplified copy, fewer graphics, and a direct call to action are all key to the success of your communications.

Alright, got all that? Let’s get started!

From Brandscript to Inbox: Crafting Your StoryBrand Emails

Once someone engages via your landing page, we recommend a series of 6 very specific StoryBrand based emails: 

Email #1: Welcome, and deliver value - the first email that goes out to a new lead should deliver what they asked for. So if your lead capture on your website promises a download, a video, a podcast episode, a webinar replay, or a free consultation, the first email should immediately answer that need.

Email #2: Problem/Solution - remind your prospect of the challenge they’re currently facing and how your unique solution can help them overcome it. Don’t get off-track and talk too much about yourself! Stay focused on them as the hero of their own story, with you as their guide to success.

Email #3: Testimonial - cast a powerful vision of success for your prospect by giving them a peek into the other side. A video testimonial from a client who has triumphed over these struggles with your help is the ideal way to showcase the accomplishment, but you can also share  photos and quotes equally effectively.

Let’s pause here because the next email is one of the most crucial - and it can be difficult to write, as it uncovers what you might rather hide. In the world of health and wellness, skepticism can be a stumbling block on the path to your clients’ success. Your StoryBrand emails can serve as a powerful tool to overcome resistance with empathetic communication that establishes your authority. By navigating objections and skepticism with finesse, you can address concerns and transform skepticism into confidence, inspiring your prospects to get started. This brings us to…

Email #4: Overcome an Objection - what reason do people most often give for not moving forward with your solution? Don’t be afraid to call it out, as your prospects may be thinking it already. Show empathy and address the issues people may have with your solution head-on.

Email #5: Paradigm Shift - explain why things have changed now that they have found you, their guide. They may have thought one way before (“I’m too old to lose weight”) but with your guidance, they can now open themselves up to the idea that everything has changed (“Shelia got off her medication with their program, I can too!”).

Finally, think of your Brandscript as the key to unlocking a transformative experience for your audience. Picture it as a GPS, guiding your audience from the first step to lasting well-being. When wrapping up your nurture sequence, your Brandscript should be a personalized roadmap, ensuring every interaction aligns with your brand and mission, up to, and including the sale…

Email #6: Ask for the Business - at this point, you’ve invited the prospect into a story they can relate to, you’ve demonstrated tremendous value, and you’re willing and able to support them in their journey. Outline the simple steps they need to take to get started.


Dynamic Narratives: Your StoryBrand Email Nurture Sequence

Your Brandscript becomes the foundation for creating nurturing emails that resonate. From the initial greeting to introducing your services and providing valuable content, each email plays a crucial role in guiding your audience towards success. In the inbox, your Brandscript casts a vision for the future, inviting your audience to be active participants in their transformative health journey.

At Salt Marketing, we understand the heartbeat of the wellness industry. Let us amplify your message, differentiating you in the marketplace with persuasive StoryBrand emails, crafted by a Certified StoryBrand Marketing Guide. Elevate your lead magnet delivery and turn leads into devoted clients. Seize the opportunity to let your narrative shine—let's craft your StoryBrand email sequence together and make your impact unforgettable!

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