Crossfit Saved My Life

In this inspiring episode of the Worth Your Salt podcast, host Jennifer Orechwa brings us the story of Amanda Wright, and talks with Amanda about what it takes to succeed as a CrossFit owner.

Discover the incredible narrative of how CrossFit became not only a fitness regimen but a lifeline for Amanda, guiding her through sobriety, weight loss, and a complete health overhaul. In 2021, she took the reins of CrossFit Lanier in Cumming, Georgia, marking the beginning of a challenging yet profoundly rewarding chapter of her life as a gym owner. With nearly two years under her belt, Amanda reflects on this endeavor as one of the most demanding, yet incredibly fulfilling, ventures in her life. Amanda shares what it takes to succeed as a CrossFit owner, and why she fervently encourages those seeking sobriety to take that crucial step through the gym's doors. Sometimes, all it takes is to "just walk in the damn door" to unlock a world that can transform your life.

You'll learn about:

  • How CrossFit became a catalyst for Amanda's personal transformation
  • The highs and lows of Amanda's journey as a gym owner, understanding the resilience required to navigate the complexities of running a fitness facility
  • The importance of community: how the camaraderie within CrossFit Lanier became a crucial factor in growing this CrossFit gym.
  • Amanda's powerful message as she encourages anyone battling addiction to take that first step—walking through the gym's door—and witness the transformative impact it can have on your life.

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