Network Alliances to Grow Your Practice: Laura Dantoni of Gate City Health

Going it alone in health and wellness is a tough road. While you may have a network of industry contacts, forming network alliances to grow your practice  can provide a wealth of resources and benefits. When you can lean in to the training and tools an alliance can provide, it can free you up to focus on the work. Joining us today to help us understand the benefits of a community that provides a sustainable operational model is Laura Dantoni, Executive Director of Greensboro, North Carolina's Gate City Health.

Here, she shares:

  • That the reasons you get into health and wellness aren't what will help your business grow;
  • What to look for in a professional alliance and how to find the right one for you;
  • The five essential principles that guide Gate City Health's holistic practice; and
  • How Gate City Health has thrived in areas such as patient growth, retention, operational efficiency, and cash flow due to their alliance with MaxLiving

Forming An Alliance to Grow Your Practice

Laura is the executive director and owner of Gate City Health, along with her husband, Dr. Preston Danton. She graduated from Florida College of Integrative Medicine with a bachelor's degree in professional health studies and a master's degree in Oriental medicine. Laura and her husband have taken a really unique and holistic approach to chiropractic. They also recently forged an alliance with a network of other chiropractors, and that Alliance has provided them with the resources and support to market their holistic approach to include nutrition, detoxification, exercise, and maintaining a positive mind space for healing. 

It's a really unique thing where you can come here and you can get everything you need. You can buy your supplements, you can have a nutrition consultation, you can come for a workshop about mindset. You can learn about detox, and then go ahead and get your chiropractic adjustment, get your power turned on so that your body starts healing on its own. Everything that you're doing is right here in the office, rather than I have to go to Vitamin shop to pick up my protein powder. I need to go to the gym to do a workout. Everything is here.

And now, Gate City Health has forged an alliance with Max Living. I don't have enough good things to say about Max Living. Max Living has a network of chiropractors all over the United States. We even have some practices in Canada, Puerto Rico. It's impacted us in such a positive way because it is a large group of like-minded people on a shared mission to change the healthcare system here in America. That can be so daunting. You can feel, if you're part of this holistic wellness world, especially in America over the past three years, it can feel quite lonely at times.

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