10 Health & Wellness Conferences You Won’t Want To Miss in 2024

Explore the ever-changing health and wellness industry with confidence with this list of health and wellness conferences in the next year. Amid fierce competition and ongoing changes, calling this industry 'competitive' and 'challenging' doesn't really do it justice. Digital innovation, AI integration, operational efficiency, evolving skills, and rapid technological advancements all define the landscape, and these events can help you navigate these dynamics to propel your business forward.

At Salt Marketing, we really believe in the power of attending conferences in person. There's nothing like being surrounded by like-minded people, networking with those in similar organizations, and being able to talk about any upcoming changes and updates happening in your industry with those who are experiencing it too. We put together this list of health & wellness conferences in 2024 that you can take a peek at and see if it's the right fit for you and your team.

Choosing the Right Wellness Conferences: Your Blueprint for Success

Elevating your expertise, skillset, and business sense demands more than solitary effort – it demands immersion. Picture yourself learning from experienced practitioners, industry titans, and insightful analysts, all contributing groundbreaking ideas to help you shape the path ahead. This is more than a calendar of events; this is your blueprint for transformation in the coming year.

If you're someone who values the pursuit of excellence in health and wellness, these events are your direct pathway to elevating your expertise and expanding your horizons. No fluff, no distractions – in this list, we'll dive straight into the heart of what makes wellness conferences an indispensable asset for passionate practitioners like you! 

Top Ten 2024 Wellness Conferences

  1.  The National Wellness Institute's 2024 Annual Wellness Summit. Happening August 26-29th in Chicago, keynote speakers include Kristen Hadeed. The Wellness Council of America (WELCOA) and the National Wellness Institute (NWI) will be joining forces for this year’s ultimate wellness conference. The Annual Wellness Summit will "bring the best of the WELCOA’s Summit and NWI's National Wellness Conference into one powerful gathering of thought leaders, experienced practitioners, and industry experts." You can find all registration info here.
  2. The National, the world's largest Conference for Chiropractic, is happening in Florida from August 17th through the 20th. This event has grown over the years and now expects over 3000 attendees and nearly 400 exhibits, which is a lot of ground to cover in just three days! Add to that training, practice-building, and over 70 speakers, and we hope you rest up ahead of time! If you're in Chiropractic, this is your one don't-miss event this year! Register here.
  3. 2024 NSCA NATIONAL CONFERENCE. July 10-13, 2024, jump into the National Strength & Conditioning Association's National Conference happening in Baltimore, MD (and online.) NSCACon claims to be the favorite event for strength and conditioning’s finest practitioners, academics, and innovators. You can register to attend the in-person classes here, and the online only portion, here
  4. TheFitExpo comes to Anaheim, CA on August 17 and 18th, 2024. With over 200 businesses at the expo, this event is guaranteed to attract tens of thousands of knowledgeable and engaged fitness enthusiasts, as well as influential industry professionals to network with and learn from. You can snag your tickets to the event, here.   
  5. The AMTA National Convention, The American Massage Therapy Association, hosts their 2024 event from September 12-14 in Tampa, Florida. With keynote speaker Dolly Chugh, this event is for all members of the AMTA, and boasts the best CE courses in the profession, inspiring speakers, and more. You can log in to the AMTA to register for the event here
  6. The 2024 Workplace Wellness Conference and Exhibition from The Wellness Conference happens November 21-22, 2024, in Marietta, Georgia. This event promises you will explore the world of mental, physical, and spiritual wellness with a host of leading experts. You can register for this event here.
  7. The Aesthetic Show is the "multi-disciplinary event in the field of aesthetic medicine," and claims to be the most iconic show of the year. It's happening at the Wynn in Las Vegas, from June 27-30. For any individual in the full spectrum of medical specialties practicing aesthetics, from emergency medicine, plastic surgery, and orthopedics, this event promises to be "an essential resource for medical aesthetic professionals who are committed to offering evidence-based, modern and safe treatments." You can register for the Aesthetic Show here
  8. The Integrative Wellness Expo is coming to Las Vegas on June 8th and 9th, 2024. Last year's event included over 7000 sq ft of exhibits plus a wide variety of speakers. If you are looking to network and form alliances to grow your integrative wellness business, this is the conference to network and learn what's possible. Video overview available here.  
  9. IDEA World Fitness Conference comes back to Los Angeles from July 10th through the 14th, 2024. The 2023 event featured workshops, workouts, presentations, and more on a wide variety of topics- including a track focused on Business and Professional Development. You can check out the brochure and get on the 2024 list here.
  10. The Fitness Business Association's SUCCEED! Conference will be held in March of 2024. The 2023 Conference covered everything from how to convert more leads into paying customers to what you can do to overcome burnout. This robust 5-day conference includes an option for a free 2-day pass. Learn more here.
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Empower Your Future: Unleash Your Potential at a 2024 Wellness Conference

Think of these conferences as powerful gatherings where experts and enthusiasts like you come together to share their wisdom and ideas. Do you know how you gather insights from various sources to make informed decisions? Well, these conferences are like a goldmine of insights but specifically focused on making your health business thrive. As we said before, there's something special about networking with like-minded individuals in your industry -- you never know when it can be beneficial to your marketing strategy or help you find your ideal client!

Imagine connecting with like-minded peers who share your passion for wellness and business growth. You'll be rubbing shoulders with smart folks who've been there, done that, and they're eager to share their knowledge with you. They'll guide you on everything from refining your services and mastering the latest fitness techniques to utilizing technology to enhance your business operations and hands-on demonstrations of aesthetics procedures.

But here's the really cool part: you get to choose the conferences that resonate most with your goals! Whether you're eager to learn about innovative workouts, dive into the world of nutrition, learn new strategies for taking care of clients, or explore strategies for expanding your health business, there's a conference tailored just for you.

It's About More Than Just A Wellness Conference

The benefits don't fade away once the conference ends. You'll walk away with a toolkit of fresh ideas and strategies that you can implement in your business right away. Imagine the impact of integrating new techniques and knowledge into your practice – you'll stand out in a competitive market and attract more clients who value your expertise.

Seek out a health & wellness conference that aligns with your interests, sign up, and prepare to embark on an informative journey. These conferences can act like turbo boosts for your health business, propelling you toward success and growth. It's time to harness the power of these events and watch your health and wellness organization thrive like never before. If you're the type that wants to soak up all the extra information and education possible, check out a similar post we crafted on the list of 10 top health & wellness podcasts you should check out this year!

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